Board Of Education » 2022-2023 District Goals

2022-2023 District Goals

Goal 1:

To ensure that all students will receive social and emotional support to become adaptable, confident citizens who embody self-awareness and strong interpersonal skills, and who are capable of responsible decision-making and managing their behaviors. 

  • Gather data regarding implementation of social-emotional learning standards, both in curriculum and practice
  • Analyze what effective instruction looks like through the lens of SEL
  • Engage staff in professional development that allows for the understanding of core beliefs about instructional practices

Goal 2: 

To improve the culture and community by enhancing inclusiveness, cultural awareness, anti-racism and acceptance of individual differences through curricular programs and district operations.

  • Increase acceptance of and appreciation for cultural diversity and economic and social differences
  • Expand institutional awareness by incorporating content and methodologies that promote justice and equity for all
  • Work with teachers to make instruction more responsive to diversity and inclusive of various cultures
  • Implement professional development and school based programming focused on diversity, anti-racism and cultural inclusivity in teaching and learning in order to create a common language and set of expectations for the school community
  • Explore developing opportunities for family engagement

Goal 3:

To advance student learning by gathering data through formative assessments that measure student understanding, and use that data to provide timely feedback and inform instruction.

  • Analyze current and archived NWEA Map and I-Ready data to identify learning gaps
  • Provide direct, targeted instruction through the RTI programs
  • Analyze and reflect on instructional approaches during Professional Learning Communities and Teaching and Learning meetings