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BOE Goals

Mission Statement

Mount Ephraim Public School District is a community school that prepares our students for high school, higher education and career readiness through innovative curriculum, relevant academic programming, and personalized learning so that all students discover the best version of themselves.



  1. Safe & healthy working & learning environment - both physically and emotionally
  2. Clear, comprehensive and transparent communication that instills trust and home-school-community partnerships
  3. Rigorous, innovative, inclusive & differentiated instructional programs with high academic standards that instill a love of learning
  4. Fiscal responsibility and long term sustainability with adherence to governmental requirements and expectations
  5. Accountable, ethical and self reflective behaviors in all practices and interactions


Vision Statement

We envision that Mount Ephraim Public Schools will be a thriving, dynamic and innovative educational environment where every student is achieving at their maximum potential in an engaging, inspiring and challenging learning environment that produces self-directed learners and stimulates the community to trust in, invest in, and benefit from public education.

District Goals

Mt. Ephraim District Goals 2021-2022

Goal 1:

To provide a school culture that develops socially and emotionally intelligent students who are self-aware and confident, aligned with the district’s focus on mindfulness, mental health and social-emotional learning through our district wide SEL program, Second Step, and our preschool SEL program, Al’s Pals.

  • Gather data regarding implementation of social-emotional learning standards, both in curriculum and practice
  • Analyze what effective instruction looks like through the lens of SEL
  • Engage staff in professional development that allows for the understanding of core beliefs about instructional practices


Goal 2:

To improve the culture and community within Mt. Ephraim Public Schools by enhancing inclusiveness, cultural awareness, anti-racism and acceptance of individual differences through curricular programs and district operations.

  • Create an equity leadership advisory team
  • Identify and evaluate existing efforts to engage in culturally responsive practices and determine ways to raise awareness of and promote best practices across the district
  • Work with teachers to make instruction more responsive to diversity and inclusive of various cultures
  • Implement professional development and school based programming focused on diversity, anti-racism and cultural inclusivity in teaching and learning in order to create a common language and set of expectations for the school community


Goal 3:

To advance student learning by gathering data through formative assessments that measure student understanding, and using that data to provide timely feedback and inform instruction.

  • Analyze current and archived NWEA Map data to identify learning gaps due to the pandemic. 
  • Provide direct, targeted instruction through the RTI programs
  • Analyze and reflect on instructional approaches during Professional Learning Communities and Teaching and Learning meetings