Health Curriculum Updates

Health Curriculum Updates

At our March 13, 2023, Mount Ephraim Board of Education meeting Ms. Schoepflin presented an overview of the new NJ Health Standards as well as Mount Ephraim Public Schools’ approach to addressing these required standards through the creation of our Health Curriculum. Health Instruction will begin on April 17, 2023. 

Below is our 2023 Opt Out letters for kindergarten through eighth grade. Each letter highlights the specific standards that will be addressed at each grade level along with information describing the instructional topics. Opt out letters are due April 5, 2023. All families have the opportunity to opt their child out of any or all health units. Also included below is the Health Curriculum, which more specifically outlines the content that will be taught at each grade level. Our instructional resource that supports our curriculum implementation is “The Great Body Shop.” Below you will find a link to the family newsletters for each unit of study.

Mount Ephraim Public Schools Health 2023 Opt Out Letters

Health Curriculum



Great Body Shop Family Newsletters Link