School Choice

Public School Choice

The New Jersey Interdistrict School Choice program provides the opportunity for non-resident students to attend Mt. Ephraim Schools at no cost to their parents/guardians. This program also includes transportation options for School Choice students. The Mt. Ephraim School Choice program accepts students from kindergarten through eighth grade.

NOTE:  When making your decision, please be aware that transportation may not be provided for your student.  Depending on the circumstances, the resident district may provide aid in lieu of transportation. 

The Mt. Ephraim School District was established in the early 1900's and is a centerpiece of the community. It consists of the Mary Bray Elementary School housing Pre-K to fifth grades, and the Raymond W. Kershaw Middle School holding sixth through eighth grades as well as an additional Pre-K classroom. We have a full-day kindergarten program. Audubon High School is the sending district for the graduates of the middle school.

The Mount Ephraim School District is proud to offer:

• Low teacher to student ratio

• After school care

• Technology infused curriculum

"We chose Mt. Ephraim for its level of education and the history our family has in this town!
Switching to school choice was the best decision we ever made.  To see our daughter so happy
with a lot of friends makes it even more why are are now enrolling our second child!
They made the transition so smooth and worth every second.  I highly recommend!"
~A Choice Parent