Board of Education Goals

1. Attain long term financial stability.

2. Restoration and sustainability of our non-core subjects.

3. Create and implement strategic plan.

4. Revise and approve board policies where appropriate.

District Goals

1. Continue curriculum documentation (begun in 2015-16) of all subject curriculum in grades PreK through Grade 8

2. Realign existing ELA and Math curriculum with new New Jersey Student Learning Standards

3. Continue working to create database of procedures and protocols in all areas of district function. This database will serve as a Standards of Operating Procedure manual for District staff and the community

4. Review and revise existing policies and regulations for customization as needed; Create relevant regulations to accompany policies; Collaborate with NJSBA to add needed policies and regulations to our existing policy database

5. Administration and teaching staff will analyze PARCC and Star benchmarking data to identify district, grade level, teacher, and student areas of strength and weakness; District and professional learning communities will use these analyses to drive decision making for ongoing instruction and assessment.