Shining Stars FAQs

I would like my children to attend the Shining Star Program. How do I register them?
You need to fill out the registration packet, which you can find on the Mary Bray website under the Shining Star Before & After School Program link.  Send a complete registration packet, the first month’s payment, and the $35.00/child registration fee into school.  If it is before the first day of school, you can send it into the Mary Bray main office.  If it is after the first day of school, you can send it in with your child and have them take the registration packet and the check/money order to the main office or directly to the director of the program, Becky Thompson.  Please make sure everything is in an envelope labeled “Shining Star.” 

Do I have to pay the registration fee every year?
No, you do not.  You are only required to pay the $35.00 registration fee the first year your child attends. 

Is there any food provided in the AM or PM session of the program?
There isn’t any food provided in the morning session of Shining Star.  However, if your child didn’t have to time to eat breakfast in the morning, they are allowed to bring something from home.
In the afternoon session, we do provide a snack.  The snack is different every day and it comes with milk. 
Please note that lunch is eaten during school hours.  On half days the students are in the program from 1:00-6:00.  Snacks are provided. 
If your child brings their own snack from home, please be sure to pack food that does not require heating.  We are not allowed to heat up any food for the children.

What are FLEX tickets? 
FLEX tickets are sold in a book of 5 for $105.00.  If your child comes to Shining Star once in a great while, you can purchase the FLEX tickets as opposed to paying the monthly amount.  One ticket is used per session. 

Can I pay the drop-off rate instead of buying a Flex Book?Unfortunately, if your child is not enrolled in the program on a monthly basis, you have to purchase a Flex Book.  The drop-off rates are only for those families enrolled in the program.

If school is closed or delayed due to inclement weather, is the Shining Star Program still open?
If there is a delay or closure due to inclement weather, the Shining Star Program is not open until school resumes.

If school is closed due to inclement weather, in-service days, etc., is my monthly payment less?  What about the month of June, for example, when the students do not attend school for the entire month? 
Your monthly payment is the same amount every month.  We do not charge extra for half days and we do not credit you when school is closed. You are charged the same amount every month from September to June. 

Are my children allowed to bring in anything from home, such as toys, video games, IPods, etc?
Students are not allowed to bring any items from home to their classes and they are not allowed to bring any to the Shining Star Program either.  It is school policy.

If I am unable to pick up my children from the program, can someone else pick them up for me?
In the registration packet (which you are required to fill out when you register) you will find there is a section where you write down “additional pick-up.”  Only those people that you write down on that list are able to pick up your children.
However, please note that everyone is required to show their driver’s license as a form of identification, at least for the first few times you come to pick up the children.  We understand that this may be an inconvenience, but it is a safety precaution that we feel very strongly about. 

What door do I use to drop my child off to the a.m. session of Shining Star and/or pick my child up from the p.m. session of Shining Star?
If you are looking at Mary Bray School from Kings Highway, head towards the left side of the building.  The very first door on your right has a doorbell.  Ring the doorbell and someone will be there to let you in.