AM Schedule

     *As the students arrive to the program, they are able to eat their breakfast.  (Please note, we do not provide the students with breakfast.  However, they are allowed to bring a breakfast from home.)

     *There are books, coloring pages, toys, and games out on tables for the students to play with.  Occasionally, there will be a movie playing on the television.

     *The students form a line and are dismissed once the bell rings.  Kindergarten students are dropped off at their homerooms.


PM Schedule

     *Students are dismissed from their classrooms and line up in the hallway.

     *Kindergarten students are picked up in their classrooms by a Shining Star teacher and join the other students in the line in the hallway.

     *Students will have a bathroom and drink break as they wait in line.

     *The line of students is then walked down to the cafeteria.

     *Attendance is taken in the cafeteria.

     *Snack Time!  Each student is provided with a snack and milk.  However, they may also pack a snack from home if they wish.  (Please do not pack anything that requires heating.)

     *Snack time is followed by homework time.  The parents and guardians have a choice as to whether or not they would like their child to do their homework at the Shining Star Program.  If the parents/guardians would like the homework completed after school, their child is taken upstairs to the Media Center.  (For more information on homework time, please see the link “Information Regarding Homework.”)   

     *Those students who do not have homework or do their homework at home stay in the cafeteria and are able to play with the toys.  Three Shining Star Teacher Assistants are supervising the children playing.    

     *When a majority of the students have finished their homework, we will go outside to the playground.  If the weather doesn't allow us to go outside, we will go to the gym.