Registration Process

Pre-School students must be 
4 years old by October 1

Registration dates will be announced annually.  They will be posted on the MEPS website, the Mary Bray (Kings Hwy) message board, and will be included in the Mt. Ephraim Messenger newspaper.

If interested, call the Mary Bray office to have your child added to the registration appointment schedule.

A registration date and time will be included in your registration packet mailing. 
  • Two PreK sessions are planned - one AM session and one PM session.

  • Mt. Ephraim Schools Pre-School is a tuition program.  The rate of tuition is determined by the BOE each year.

  • If the number of children that have been registered exceeds the number of available seats, a lottery system will be implemented. The Board of Education president will pull lottery numbers at the BOE meeting following the registration dates.  Parents are welcome to attend the meeting to witness the lottery.  However, all parents will be notified of the results by letter after the scheduled meeting.

  • All applicants must be received prior to the posted registration date to be considered for the program.

  • Following the registration process, parents will receive notification as to acceptance into the program, wait list, and/or lottery information.

Tuition Information


The tuition for the MEPS Preschool Program is $1,000. 

The first, or only payment, dependent upon which option of these listed below that is chosen is due prior to September 1.

Option 1: Full tuition 
  • Full payment due prior to September 1

Option 2:  Tuition in two installments:
  • First payment due prior to  September 1
  • Second payment due prior to  February 1

Option 3:  Monthly Tuition
  • Monthly payment due prior to 1st of each month starting September 1
Payment must be submitted on time for your student to attend the program. If your payment is not made on time there will be a $25.00 preregistration fee charge for your student to return to the program. There will be no exceptions. 

If there are any unpaid fees from the previous school year for either the Preschool or Shining Star Program, they must be paid prior to your student enrolling in either program.