Registration Process for Kindergarten

Kindergarten students must be 5 years old by October 1

Registration dates will be announced annually.
They will be posted on the MEPS website, the Mary Bray (Kings Hwy.) message board, and will be included in the Mt. Ephraim Messenger newspaper.

If interested, call the Mary Bray office to have your child added to the registration appointment schedule.

A registration date and time will be included in your registration packet mailing. 

Our Kindergarten curriculum can be viewed a under the District, Curriculum drop-down tab.  We have adopted Reading Street and EnVision Math for our kindergarten program, both are published by Pearson Learning, which are correlated to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.  Our Science and Social Studies curriculum also follow the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and we plan our lessons to coordinate with the stories and themes from Reading Street.

The students who attend our kindergarten come from varied educational backgrounds - some students have attended our in-district preschool, others have attended different preschools such as play based, academic based, and day care-type settings.  We also have a few students each year who are entering their first year of schooling.  We work each year to develop a starting point that meets the needs of the unique learning styles of our learners  Our kindergarten classes have ranged from 19-23 students over the past three years.  The kindergarten classrooms utilize inclusion for our Special Education learners.

Our Language Arts and Math programs allow for instruction in various groupings based upon the needs of the students.  We work in whole-group, small-group, and individualized learning activities to help meet the needs of each student.  Science and Social Studies are done whole-group and with hands-on learning activities.  At the kindergarten level, we offer daily 45 minute small-group instruction called Response to Intervention (RTI).  This daily time frame allows our kindergarten program to work with two additional teachers.  During this time frame, we work in small groups to meet the individual needs of each student in the areas of language arts and math.  This time also allows for self exploring and play.  

Our kindergarten program is supplemented by a half year of Music instruction, and nine weeks of Art and Spanish instruction.  Our classes visit and learn about the media center two times each month.  Our school social worker works with our kindergarten students  on Social Emotional Learning activities.  Small groups are led by the district Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, and School Social Worker, as needed, to meet the needs of our learners.  Speech Articulation and Language Development services are also available, if a student is identified as needing intervention.  

Our kindergarten teachers work to include the parents into our program.  Before school begins, we have a “Kindergarten Play Date” hosted by the PTO to bring the students together to meet the teachers and each other, and a chance to tour the classroom and school.  We host weekly “Mystery Readers” to allow parents to come in and read aloud to the class.  Our math and reading programs contain newsletters and activities to bring the classroom learning home to each family.  Homework is sent home weekly and we aim for one family activity each month.